Getting hurt in the workplace is a situation no employee wants to find themselves in, regardless of the situation. Fortunately, California workers’ compensation law has adopted a no-fault system. You would think that obtaining benefits for your injuries would be easy. However, it is very common that you may find your claim being unfairly denied and/or delayed by the insurance company, which prevents you from obtaining the benefits you need.

At Solimon | Rodgers, P.C., our attorneys routinely represent individuals whose workers’ compensation claims have been denied.

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After you have been injured and you are unable to work, you are entitled to medical and monetary benefits if your claim is approved. It can be devastating to have your claim denied. Fortunately, with our help, you may be able to get the initial denial reversed and even on denied claims our attorneys are still frequently successful in obtaining substantial monetary settlements.

There are many different reasons why your workers’ compensation claims were denied, such as:

  • Claims that your injury did not occur in the workplace
  • Employer did not file the injury incident report
  • Employer delayed reporting your treatment or accident

In addition to claims being denied as a result of bad faith, fraud or employer error, claims can also be denied due to lack of information. Regardless of the reason, our attorneys will aggressively fight to appeal your denied claim and to get the medical treatment and compensation you deserve.

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