Have you been injured while driving a vehicle on the job? Many employees do not realize that they have rights even if they have been hurt while away from their workplace. At Solimon | Rodgers, P.C., we represent employees like yourself who have been involved in auto accidents that occurred during the course of their employment. Our experienced and caring Pomona workers’ compensation attorneys are here to protect you and secure compensation for your injuries.

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Every task you take on at work is an added risk for you to be injured. If you drive or ride in a vehicle as part of your employment, any injuries related to those activities are typically covered under workers compensation law. If you are involved in an automobile accident because of your job duties and have sustained injuries, your employer is responsible for your injuries. Since California is a no-fault state, your employer is expected to provide you with financial compensation if you are injured during the course of your employment. Generally, this is true even if you are found at fault for the accident.

Work related collisions can affect many types of employees, including:

  • Police officers and security guards
  • Firefighters and emergency personnel
  • Construction crews
  • Food delivery
  • Commercial truck drivers
  • Chauffeurs and cab drivers


There are many situations which can arise after you have filed for workers’ compensation which can get in the way of your claim being approved. For example, your employer could claim that you were not hurt on the job or that your injuries were not work related. Our Pomona workers’ compensation attorneys are here to defend you and protect you aggressively if your case goes to litigation.

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