When not at work Matthew is an avid video gamer. He is  also an active martial artist and currently trains in the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and the Filipino martial art, Eskrima.  You can also find him lounging on a comfortable couch regularly reading non-fiction books and listening to Audible, his favorite authors being Robert Greene, Victor Davis Hanson, and Adrian Goldsworthy just to name a few.

Why he loves helping injured workers:

Prior to law school he worked as a busboy and dishwasher to get by, as well as some work in retail.  He experienced the long hours and the physical effort often asked of within the food service industry as well as the hectic demands the retail sector often requires.  This has provided him with first hand experience as to the types of complaints and injuries typically found in these and similar lines of work. Matthew believes that this experience keeps him humble, grounded, and ultimately empathetic to not only the aches and pains an Applicant experiences but as well as to the frustrations the complex Worker’s Compensation system can pose and serves as his reason as to why he enjoys helping injured workers.


  • Bachelor’s of Science (Criminal Justice) – Liberty University
  • Bachelor’s of Science (Government) – Liberty University
  • Master’s of Business Administration – Liberty University
  • Juris Doctorate – Trinity Law School